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I couldn't get it to download to the twich client app on my laptop, but I eventually got it downloaded and have played it till there was nothing left to do (version 0.07 I believe.)

Let me just say that i love the story and the premise!! If i had any real money to spend per month I'd gladly support you on Patron!!! Good luck and i look forward to an update soon!

Oh, I didn't know was linked with the twitch app (glad you managed to download the game, eventually). The game does have a few well hidden secrets and some random events, so hopefully you still have more to see in the game. I am happy you like the game anyway, money or not, I hope it will grow into an even better game, given enough time. :)

i think i meant itch sorry

The game isnt downloading on itch client :(


That might be because I use an external link for the game (the file is hosted on Mega). Does it work if you try to download it through a browser?

Yes, and it is working in the client now :)

I added another link by uploading a copy of the game on, to confirm if the problem was not having the file hosted on Having to upload the file twice might be a bit of a waste, but I share the link even outside of (in fact, most of my audience comes from elsewhere), so I can't drop the external link.