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Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer's guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you just want to do your own thing.

As far as the adult content goes, the game will feature fetishes such as mind control, cowgirl TF, corruption and more, depending on the paths you'll follow. It will have a female protagonist (as hinted above), and will likely have submissive themes, for the most part (I can't exclude some dominant content completely, but it wouldn't be widespread).

The development is currently being helped through Patreon, you can find the page here (it also has a link to the latest public version, near the bottom).

Support me on Patreon!

The game will update monthly, and the public, freely available version is usually one version behind the patreon-only one.

The changelog can be found here.

The walkthrough is available here, instead.

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Exploration, Fantasy, JRPG, NSFW, patreon, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community

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This game requires you to have the RPG Maker RTP installed, here is the link:



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I am loving the game so far, keep up the good work on it. Please take all the time you need to get updates going.

Enjoy your Monday as well!

Thanks! ^_^

Hey I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but when I try to play I get the message: "Unable to find file: Audio/SE/Decision3" which is fine cause I can just copy an audio file and rename it and then it works.

However I then receive the message "Unable to find file: Graphics/Tilesets/World_A1" which I have no idea how to fix and I don't even see a folder called graphics.

If you can help me out here at all I'd appreciate it because I remember really liking an earlier version that I played ages ago.

Sorry to be a bother.

Hi there! The game needs you to install some files to run (these are common to many VX Ace games). You can download them from here:


You know what I'm just dumb as hell, I had downloaded and extracted the RPG Ace thing and then just didn't run its exe.
Sorry for wasting your time, but thanks for responding.

It can happen to anyone. I hope you'll like the game! ^_^

I am really enjoying the game so far but i am wondering are you planning anything for janet because i really liked her

I'll have more content about collecting mana crystals in the future and giving them to her, and I'd like to write one quest featuring her as well (a rescue mission, so to speak). Beyond that, I don't have any big plans at this point for Janet, since I have a sizeable "to-do" list already. XD

I was having a couple of questions about the Lord Kairos interactions. How do I access his library? The option is greyed out. Also, having completed the painting dialogue, the "something intimate" scene, and having seen the scene where you submit to him, how do I access the other new scene?

That section of the library is not in the game yet (that's why it's grayed-out).

If you went to his bedroom after he showed you around the house and you already picked something intimate as well, just keep visiting and "have fun" with him, he'll eventually think he has enough influence and tries to push things further with you. The speed at which it happens is affected by whether you were submissive and went along with everything during the first visit or if you resisted.

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I just did the party scene at the beach. Is this a one time event or does it repeat? I can't find the guy at night to go there after the first time. Do I need to visit a specific house? Is it important that I turned down the drink that turns you into a wolf?

That's a stand alone scene currently. It was written mainly to have another way to become a werewolf (the other way involves losing a fight, and it isn't very transparent about this consequence).

I might write a follow up, but for now that's all there is to it.

Possible android port?

Not possible with the version of RPG Maker that I am using (VX Ace). I hear there is a program you can download that allows you to play VX Ace games on android, however, but you'll have to search for it and install it yourself.

Its most likely joiplay and i tried it.Doesn't work extremely buggy. 

I see, that's too bad. Sadly, there isn't really much I can do from my end, it's a limitation of the engine. :(

What device do you have? It's running extremely well on Android 9, Redmi Y2 and OnePlus 7. You may need to change a couple of settings but I don't know :/ they do say it doesn't run well on every device 

Why are there two download links? Is the 0.983b version not complete or something?

Ah, sorry I must have forgotten to delete the old file, I'll fix it ASAP.


Happy Patch yester Day.

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Hey, first of all love your game even without looking at the H-scenes the story is amazing. I wanted to ask when will you add the capital city, ik its hard to do everything at once but if u could give a small info on that it would be great!

Edit: Oh and can you tell me what the new scene with cheif neroma is? I cant seem to figure it out

(1 edit)

Hi there. I am actually debating with myself if I should add the capital or not at this point, so I am not sure. It feels like we have more or less enough locations, as far as cities/towns go, and I wonder if it's worth the effort. I could just leave the castle as the one point you can visit, although adding a new area is always cool. So, at least for the short term, I'll definitely not work on it.

The new scene with the chief is the repeatable opportunity you get to have sex with him after the party (before you couldn't do that). The scene is different, even if it uses the same CGs.

Glad to know you like the game! ^_^

So is this game going to have more Pregnancy content?


It will get more pregnancy content, eventually, but it won't allow for free roaming during the pregnancy (I mention this because a few people want that, but the logistics to add it would be a nightmare at this point). What's likely to be added are monster pregnancies, more people in general who can get you pregnant, and a few more activities you can do while you wait for the baby.

I'm sure modders could help you out with the free-roaming Impregnating/pregnancy fuckfest.

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you should definitely add like a turkey baster impregnation scene ;) - Target: External-OS and it's like when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star in the New Hope, the Death Star being a women fucked Pregnant and how he shot the missiles being his load, right into the hole being the female ;) - All you hear is Obi-One saying Let Go! LMFAO


Well, if modders want to give a shot at expanding the game once I am finished with it, I probably wouldn't mind. :)

But chasing after this mid-development isn't going to happen, it would be too time consuming.

The main problem would be going through all the sex scenes in the game, and either add a "well, I am not going to have sex with a pregnant lady" message, or add alternative sex scenes, plus adding comments from all the people who likely would have something to say (for example, your parents and Alpharius, as well as many more) and this is on top of any other fringe interaction which might be weird if you are pregnant.
Basically, the game isn't enough of a sandbox that you can ignore context that easily, and it would require a LOT of writing and manually editing hundreds of NPCs just to keep things believable.

I definitely wasn't expecting a pregnant woman being compared to the Death Star when I woke up today, that was a good laugh. XD XD XD

If I may ask one more question without annoying you. If you become a countress will anyone your form a relationship with try to take advantage of that like Eliza? For example Beatrix turning golden leaf to a den for vampires or maybe Sonya for a new club or recruitment center?

No question is going to annoy me (I think XD). Kira might try to get something (she kind of does already, if you are involved with her), but Beatrix doesn't care much for these things, and Sonya prefers to stay in her corner without attracting too much attention. I am still thinking if I want Kairos to push for something on that front. The Zanti family might also get something out of it if you are a cow (again, they kind of do already, but it should be expanded a bit more).


Well it seemed like a good question so I had to ask. But thanks for telling. 

In a future update will Lady Pendleton appear on the noble path? Seems like a great way to continue her story and maybe leading to a uniting the lands part.

I don't think I'll be using Lady Pendleton in any major roles in the future. She might appear elsewhere, but she won't be the focus.


Oh well, it seemed like a good question.

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Is there a way to change my breast size in game without talking to an NPC? Every time I try to reduce the size, the option is greyed out saying "Reducing breast size is evil."

Also, is there a way to get Jin to use the bell to call you to his room once his route has been completed?

If you don't mind "cheating", you can use the debug tool (in the key items, named "travel sphere"). Go north until you reach the wall, and interact with the third mirror from the right, you should get the option to change your breast size.
This happens because you have the "titty lover" trait, if you are wondering why you can't change your size normally.

Jin's path isn't finished yet, so you don't get any more scenes at the moment, but I'll add something for him eventually.

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Thanks. I was unaware that that mirror actually changed my breast size. I thought that it, like the others, was reverted when you closed its menu.

Since this is a testing room first, and a cheat room second, there are a few things like that. Even the tattoos from that mirror should be permanent, if I remember correctly.

how to get into vampire route?

This one is mutually exclusive with the cowgirl route, so if you progressed enough in that one, you'll need to start a new game (or reset the cowgirl path). If you go to the pub in Tarkas at night, there should be a girl sitting in the north-east corner. Talking to her will start the vampire path (you'll have to visit back more nights, and then she'll start "visiting" your house when you sleep). There is more to it, but these are the basics.

If you take the Beatrice route, does having the vampire touch spell mean you've become a vampire?

No, you don't become a vampire (at least, it's not possible so far), that's just a little bonus you get for sharing a close bond with her.


What was included in the update?

You can check the changelog here (0.980 is the public version). I should probably add this one to the main page as well.

I can not find Ariel

You can find her in the guards barracks below the hospital after the meeting her during the random events while fast traveling.

i have take fast travelling 30+ times and still not meet her ?

She should appear if you use the fast travel maps during the day (day/night have different random events). The chance is high enough that it shouldn't take that many attempts, is there any chance you already met her and she is at the barracks?

nope have not meet her and she is not in barracks

I'd have to check the save file then. The only way I can think of for her to disappear is to refuse to help her when you meet her, but you never met her, so I have no idea what could cause this. Which areas were you using to fast travel?

There's a glitch that if you wear a bikini, tan until it's night, then talk to the guard without changing, (I've taken the drugs, can't say whether or not it would glitch without) eventually when you wake up at home, from that moment on, you'll be wearing your bikini outside (visually your robes until you use magic on screen). This prevents you from using the Bathhouse, for instance
What's more, if you did this gitch, or turn into a werewolf, while topless, you'll walk around topless


Thanks for the report! Without taking the drugs, you should return to the beach, so you would be forced to change the bikini as normal if you try to leave, so the glitch should appear only in the werewolf route. I think I fixed it now, the fix will be part of the 0.981 update.

Hi! Am on .979, but I can't seem to visit the Zanark inn? Also, are there any keys to change pages in the CG Gallery? Am playing on mobile using a RPGVX Player so I can't click on the arrows. Thanks!

What happens when you try to enter the inn? You can't go there at night, but otherwise entering shouldn't be a problem.

The gallery uses the L-R buttons to scroll the gallery (by default, these are Q-W on the keyboard). Hopefully you can rebind the controls and this isn't an issue (I never tried a mobile player, so I am not familiar with how it works).

Says the area isn't available in that version, although I'm pretty sure I am on .979. Just in case, what were the two new harem scenes added in .979? Were they the Anja bath scenes? If so, I'm pretty sure I'm on .979. Thanks for the quick reply btw!

I double-checked quickly with my own copy of 0.979, and the inn is accessible from the start, so I'd guess you should try and re-download the game. Does the folder say "0.979"? All installation folders should be numbered. Also, did you perhaps copy paste the save files from a previous version? Perhaps you copied more than just the save files, and that's causing issues.

Anyway, try a new installation, I am sure it will be fine. :)

Did a fresh install, still isn't working sadly. The file I used was 'Caliross test 0.979.exe' and I only copied the save.rvdata files. Appreciate the help though, maybe I'll just wait for a future update and see if it'll work?

Just one last test you could do. Could you start a new game and go straight to Zanark, and then to the inn? Just to check if there is something weird going on with the save.

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I am having an issue on the Eliza questline. I just got through the Party Hard quest and finished the 6th scene with Eliza but the 7th scene never occurred when I tried to trigger it by going downstairs when I woke up. I know I talked to the person who is in charge of mansion upgrades before I went downstairs and I collected money from the chest before going down as well.

Any idea why the 7th scene won't trigger? I am using a free version of the game (0.973a) if that matters.

If you got the dream scene with Eliza (scene 6), there shouldn't be any ways to mess things up. She should appear at the door, maybe you just didn't walk close enough to the exit?

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Thanks for replying so quickly. I walked out the front door of the mansion, came back in and then tried again to see if it would trigger. Was that wrong? Did my having purchased all the things necessary for the Party Hard quest and having completed it before the dream scene prevent her from showing up? I am not a cowgirl and am bound to the vampire lady in the inn in Tarkus.

Was scene 7-9 added after version 0.973a? If so, that might explain the issue and I might just need to download the new version.

Actually you are right, 0.973a didn't have the scene yet, so you should probably update to the latest free version, sorry for not realizing sooner. You should be able to use your old saves, I think, that version wasn't too long ago.

(1 edit) (+1)

Figured as much but I just wanted to make sure I didn't mess something up. The game has been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed it so far. I will let you know if updating to the new version fixes it.

Edit: It worked great. Thanks for your help!

Glad things worked out, and that you enjoy the game! ^_^

It says could not find Directx Audio. How can I fix this?

What's your operating system? Are you on a pc or a laptop?

PC desktop

Also, do you have any speakers or headphones plugged in? I think RPG Maker can refuse to start if you don't have anything plugged in or something similar.

I did have headphones plugged it. I guess I'll later un plug and try again

I tried to unplug my headphones but it still said failed to initialize Directx Audio 

Uhmmm... Do you have this problem with other RPG Maker games? Are you on windows 10 or on some other version?

search in the start menu dxdiag.exe and run it, check all the tabs to see if there are any errors it finds.
Check this thread if you didn't already: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rmvxa-directx-audio-failed-to-i...
Try the same things the first poster tried, so we can exclude some stuff. Also, if you have another PC available, just test the game there, just in case. Sadly, this usually is a problem with something on your end, so it can be hard to check everything. >_<

Well it magically started working now so all's well I guess.


hey there . i played this game a few years ago then my pc exploded . in gettibg a new pc soon and this games high on mylist to download . if you would be so kind as to give me a brief rundown of new content. if i remember correctly the verson i played ended after you discover eather the dragon form or the imitation form. huge fan one of my fav story its been killing me to not play it lol

If you are curious about the main quest, a new chapter was added after the one where you unlock the dragon form. The last chapter hasn't been added yet, however, as I focused on finishing stuff and adding side content. If you remember which version you were playing, you can check out the changelog, to get a rough idea about which scenes and which quests were added.


ok thank you 

At what point does Chapter one end? Will I know it once I reach that point?

Once you complete the first temple, and get the clue about where the second one might be, you have to go to the study in your house to write down your notes, that's when you move to the next chapter (basically, you decide when to).

Just wondering are you going to make a path  where we become dominant over sonya and kira and people like that who try to turn you into puppets or pets (and edith who is just a brat who needs to be taken down a peg) cause honestly that would be nice

(1 edit)

I am thinking about a more balanced path with Kira (one where she is apologetic over her previous behaviour, and you two try to get her out of the League of Merchants) and I am still thinking about some domme content for the protagonist, but I probably won't turn the tables over these characters. A more balanced path with Kira would probably still involve her being submissive in bed, so maybe that counts?

how do you unlock transformations

You unlock the transformations whenever you reach the end of a shapeshifter's temple. To get to the first one, you should sleep at home, and get a visit the next day when you try to leave. You can then go talk to that same person in the mage guild, and among other topics, you'll eventually find the option to ask him to guide you to the first temple.

If you need more help with puzzles and whatnot, there is a link to the walkthrough in the installation folder, that should cover most of the stuff you'll need.

How can I change game window? I don't see any options. I have 1920x1080 and game is in very small window. It's hard to play with 1/3 desktop width and 1/3 desktop height.

If you play around with F5-F6 you should find a better view, but remember that the game is low resolution, so it's going to look pixelated afterward.

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says i need vl gothic font how do i do this

You need to install the RTP.


The link is also at the bottom of the page, but perhaps I should move it so it's easier to see.

i have the rtp

(2 edits)

Did you download and install the one I linked?

i tried that one too yes

(1 edit)

vl gothic is the default font used by RPG Maker VX Ace, so it is included with the RTP. Did something go wrong when you installed the RTP? Like an antivirus warning or anything else? Did you install it in the default folder, or did you pick a different location? Sadly, nobody else seems to have this problem (when the RTP is installed) so I have no idea what could be causing it.

The only other thing I would try is perhaps making sure the RTP is uninstalled then trying re-installing it.

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Turning a New Leaf: I have completed everything,  fixed the mill, opened the mines, Divine(?) GF is the new captain, repaired the lighthouse, Miner is my groundskeeper and the old sailor chose some other person to be my lighthouse keeper. Repaired town and Mansion completely..... but "Build a new lighthouse, and hire someone to man it" is still grayed out, as if it wasn't completed. As such No town expansion quest pops up...and consequently no party :( Is there something I'm missing? I gave Eliza the boot, if that makes a difference. Also, I think the increased "Assets" from "Tree Sap Trap" are still in effect after you get sent back to just before you talked to the Dryad. Can't think of any other reason I have F+ breasts and a Huge Ass, when it was DD and Bubble before.

First of all. are you using the walkthrough? Just wondering if there is some incorrect information there or not

There was a minor issue with the old sailor not updating the quest log properly when hired, but it should be fixed now (can't remember if it's fixed for the public version or not, however). Regardless of the questlog, the rest of the game should still work correctly.

Are you in chapter 4? That's one of the requirements to get the offer to expand the city when talking to Keiko (in fact, that's pretty much the only requirement to get the offer).

You are completely right about the Dryad situation. I had completely forgotten to track the sizes, because originally I wasn't planning for a way to go back at the start of the path, sorry about that. This will be fixed, but it might take a couple of months to show up in the public version, since it will have to go through the patreon version next month, and then go public the month after that (unless a hotfix is needed for some big bugs, then this would show up in the public version next month).

(3 edits)

I have been using the walkthrough, yes. I was on chapter 3 when I made that post, so that's why it never activated, but I got the Mage guild quest to infiltrate another party, in chapter 3 and it mentioned dude....(can't remember his name..*lol) and an interaction if you can remember his name, from your own party...which I guess can't happen till chapter 4, as I found out later last night...So I guess I got that Guild quest a bit early for it.

Walkthrough has been helpful, it is missing some small things. an Item that can be gotten, or small fluff events, but today I just went through an event that wasn't mentioned at all, The Beach Party at Solina...and Red Moon, as an Alternate method of heading down a particular path. As Ms. Lake likes to say, "I wasn't expecting this to happen..." but now she is down this path, curiosity will be my downfall...

Is there something to this Weird pendant I found outside my house, other then strange dreams when I nap? (at least i think its the pendant giving me those dreams...) Walkthough doesn't mention much about it other than its location.

Yeah, it is possible to get the other quest before (I wonder if I should change that). Was the reference from the walkthrough as well?

Yeah, the new event in Solina beach got added recently, I still haven't updated that part of the walkthrough. I was hoping this wouldn't be surprising, however, but I guess I didn't give enough hints.

The weird pendant also reduces your inhibitions by 10 when you wear it, but right now it doesn't have any other effects. At one point I was thinking of tying it to the vampire in the hospital, but plans changed since then, so now I am not 100% sure of what I'll do with it.

the reference to Count Nocher, yeah its listed under  "cloak and dagger" under the paragraph that starts off as "If you AREN’T playing as Baldur, and you are a noble..." 

If it's just in the walkthrough, then it's not a problem (after all, you can't avoid some spoilers here and there). It would be troublesome if it was in-game, however.

Once you gain your Noble title, the Emperor hands you your Badge of office and the "Key's Mansion". I think you meant "Mansion's key" or "Key to the Mansion". Pardon if this was already fixed in the latest patreon update.

Nobody had reported that so far, thanks for letting me know. ^_^

So, as far as I can tell, the walkthrough only tells you the steps to complete each quest, not what happens in it or what completing it gets you. So I have no idea how to become a werewolf, become a noble, or how to fall under Zanti's influence. Can I get some help with that?

That's not entirely right. You should generally get a reference about what you get as a reward (generally near the end). If you CTRL+F through the walkthrough "noble " (with an empty space at the end to eliminate words like "nobleman" from the results) or "cowgirl", you'll quickly find references to these paths within the quests.

The problem comes when there isn't a specific quest associated with certain paths. Generally, there is a section at the end of the walkthrough where you can see a list of interactions and secrets which are outside of quests. While it might be incomplete in parts, it does reference most of the points of interest scattered around. I am still in the process of updating the walkthrough, so hopefully it will cover everything in the future.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I was wondering if there were more more scenes to the forced Sonya line after you get to the under-the-desk scene. I'd gotten to that point, but after which every single time I got fogged back to the club, that same scene was the only one that played. Perhaps there's a flag or some prerequisite I have to achieve in order to progress further? Or are there simply no other scenes at the current moment. Thanks, again, if you can answer this!


Check this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f0zrbkwhbdpQM3yu0m2DFV5peZyFgTKYYtURIkp5D_I/...
It's unfinished, but this should list all of Sonya's scenes.


Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to post it!

Is there a way to remove traits ? :) 

I know that you can cheat and use https://www.saveeditonline.com/ to modify variable values, but it only worked for removing Masochism trait. I found out that it is Variable#178. 

I saved and loaded right before and after getting traits at hypnotist. I noticed that variables 1,2,119 change values, so I hoped that they would be related to other traits, but nope :p 

Variable 119 seems to be linked to exhibitionism, but I think that even reducing its value does not remove the trait. 

As for variables 1 and 2, their values are weird.

I know that I am asking about how to cheat :p but could mdqp explain why editing save did not work for "titty lover" and "exhibitionist"?

I am asking because I thought that these traits would unlock more content, but apparently, they mostly block choices kinda like a curse :/

Currently, there is no way to remove a trait, and I don't think I will allow it in-game (the way I coded certain events, the game assumes you have a trait at certain points).

Titty lover and exhibitionist are tracked with switches in the game (switch 98 and 126, respectively). I don't know how these appear in a cheat engine, but they are true/false toggles, essentially (to be inactive, they must be set to false).

Traits can force your hand at times, but they also make certain scenes longer (and possibly sexier) or unlock certain encounters/events (if you don't have the masochist trait, you flat out can't do anything with a certain NPC in Rahib, to name one thing).

A few paths presume you still have the traits even if you turn them off, if you were supposed to gain the trait in that path, so don't be surprised if that happens (Sonya, most notably).

If you want to cheat, the best way is probably to use RPG Maker unlocker and get a copy of RPG Maker VX Ace. You can change variables and switches during test mode by simply pressing F9 (to get a full list), plus you'd be able to tweak/modify anything in the game, if you put in the effort (the game is quite messy on the developer end, so it might be troublesome to navigate).

(1 edit)

Ok. Thanks for the answer. Indeed, for some reason variables 98 and 126 are not present in the savefile when edited with the tool I mentioned.

Well, I guess I will continue playing with traits and see what happens. I can always replay the game in the future when more content comes out :)

Would it be a spoiler to share if some bad consequences can happen because of traits? :)

For example, if you can become a slave (actual slave at Rahib market) or get bad results for quests? Or even worse, not be allowed to do some quests (for example, if nobles no longer respect you if you are a Masochist)

Actually, I can check Walkthrough. No need to bother you, sorry :)

As long as you are having fun, it's all good. Something I forgot to mention: if you use the debug tool (called travel sphere, in the key items), there is a way to turn on/off traits. It might cause a few issues, as I mentioned, but if you really want to, that's how you could do it. You should interact with the ghost near the south-west corner. The debug tool can break the game if you are not careful, so make sure to save before you touch anything there. XD

Ok. Thanks :)

I knew about Travel Sphere, but missed the ghost apparently. 

I might use it one day, but for now I will keep playing without cheating.

Thanks again :)


(1 edit) (+1)

Hi may i know what stage is game development at as of now?

It's hard to give a precise percentage, but probably between 85-90%. I am still considering adding/cutting things here and there, so there is that as well.

Thx for replying and I am looking forward to playing the full game.

Hello, can anyone help me, i wanna know how to get the "traits" for Erica. I know about the circus way, but from what i noticed with "titty lover" and "exhibitionist" there might be some alternative way to get "bimbo", "masochist" and "bixexual" traits? cause using hypnotist when theres alternative feels like cheating.


You can get the masochist trait if you get involved in certain scenes for enough times. The fastest one is a scene in the VIP area of the Queen of Hearts (a guest there can "teach" you a thing or two). There is currently only one way to get the pass: when you work as a bodyguard during a quest for the adventurers guild, you can find a tiger a noble keeps as a pet. Distracting it with some food will let you pick up the pass. There will be another way in version 0.976 (you'll be able to get the pass at the model job, as long as you are past chapter 1)

The other way is getting spanked at the secretary job (but that is slow, and hard to grind). I need to add more scenes which raise the stat, but for now that's it. The hypnosis is much faster! XD

For the bimbo trait, you must get involved with Sonya, the owner of the Queen of Hearts, but you must not have marintas charm with you, or you start her alternative path and won't get the trait. Again, I should probably add more ways to get the trait, but this is it.

There is no "bisexual" trait, being worried about your sexuality with the hypnotist just gives you the titty lover trait (since the protagonist is already bisexual XD).

I see, thank you a lot for a quick and informative answer. This is game is truly one of the best i've played with so much content, and its even more incredible that it's free. :O When i get my job back i'll make sure to support you on patreon <3 Best wishes.

Really happy to hear you like it this much! ^_^

I used to do this as a hobby, and my previous games were all completely free. Needing the money, I opened up the Patreon, and luckily things worked out well. It would have felt weird to try and lock the game completely behind a paywall, so I decided to use the current system. Plus, I feel like on the internet it's better to rely on the goodwill of others, since everyone could pirate the game, if they wanted to.

I hope you'll get your job back soon, whether you become my patron or not! :)

hi in the walkthrough of the third temple it said that to resolve the strawmen puzzle i have to burn it but i cant get 4 of them on fire at same time because the aiming is too slow how im i supose to do it

You can hold down shift to run (like when you control the main character), that should be enough to deal with it.

Statue puzzle Help!!

The cat must fear the wolf. The wolf the wolf can’t survive the poisonous snake. And the snake can’t hide from the majestic eagle. Shapeshifter's can rise above natures cycle learn from it and the future will be yours.

I very recently updated the walkthrough, so it should be easier to find. Anyway, to solve the puzzle, you need to interact with the statues in the 3-2-4-1 order.

is ther a walktru or

full screen mode ?

You can play around with the F5 and F6 keys to go fullscreen, but mind you, the game has a low resolution, so it's going to look pixellated.

There is a walkthrough, you can find a link to it inside the game's folder. The walkthrough has almost all the quests in it, but the other areas are a bit out of date.

thank it helpt

fyi do you have a discod server

peaple could help eachother

or even give sugestions

I do have a discord. For now, it's only open to Patreon supporters (it's still fairly new), but I'll ask if they'd prefer it to be public. The game has threads on a lot of forums, if you need help and you can't find any answers in the walkthrough. :)


ok thanks

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