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Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer's guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you just want to do your own thing.

As far as the adult content goes, the game will feature fetishes such as mind control, cowgirl TF, corruption and more, depending on the paths you'll follow. It will have a female protagonist (as hinted above), and will likely have submissive themes, for the most part (I can't exclude some dominant content completely, but it wouldn't be widespread).

The development is currently being helped through Patreon, you can find the page here (it also has a link to the latest public version, near the bottom, and to the changelog):

Support me on Patreon!

The game will update monthly, and the public, freely available version is usually one version behind the patreon-only one.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Exploration, Fantasy, JRPG, nsfw, patreon, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community

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This game requires you to have the RPG Maker RTP installed, here is the link:



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Heyo! I love your game. Every bit of it. Gave me a great adventure. Many paths to choose too. Great game. But I have some questions I dont know if you can help me or not.

1. There was a statue in one of the mage rooms which had a puzzle about a lightning and I used the lightning spell on it and heard a sound but nothing happened. What was that about?
2. I accidently deleted all my 71gb rpgmaker hentai games I dont mind starting over Caliross because I felt bad when our character felt bad about doing all the lewd stuff when she started thinking about her father and the emperor etc when I got chosen. I also accidently saved over some of my other saves and couldnt go back to choose the another path. Is there any way to get back my folder or generate a save file? I dont mind starting over of course. Could even discover a new path. Just curious for the other rpg games I wouldnt like to play again.

Hey there! Good to know you are enjoying the game. ^_^

1. A small chest should have appeared on the desk after you hit the statue, you can get a charm from it.

2. Did you delete them completely, or are they still in the trash bin? You can restore any file still in the trash bin (right clicking any files there should show the option, and you can even restore all files in the bin if you right click the bin itself). If you deleted them completely, you might try to check the properties of the folder the games were in, and see if any previous versions are available (but you must be careful if you changed anything else, as this might restore unwanted changes as well, assuming there is even an option available). One final solution might be trying to use a program like recuva, but the sooner you do that, the better, since your computer starts overwriting the data once it thinks you don't need it anymore.

Because it was 71gb it got demolished instead of going to the trash bin. Thank you, will try recuva or something similar because looking for the previous version of the folder almost never works for me :D

i tried the new version and it says check for viruses and reinstall everytime.

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Is that a problem with other RPG Maker games, or just with mine? It might be an overzealous anti-virus is marking the .exe file as dangerous. I don't think I changed anything significant from version to version, so I don't see why it should give warnings now. You can try downloading it from here, if it makes a difference (but I doubt it):


I would either disable the antivirus temporarily or exclude the file from scans, if you really want to play, but that's only if you trust this random developer you don't know personally. XD

i trust that you make great porn my guy, as a man that's all i need. XD

oh yeah it also says the file is corrupted

I downloaded the files and installed the game just to make sure, so at least the problem shouldn't be with the uploaded files (windows defender did warn me because of the "unknown origins" of the file, but there is the option to install the game anyway afterward).

If the antivirus is flagging the game, it could also corrupt the download, so make sure to disable it before you start the download, install the game, and only then re-enable the antivirus.


Hey great game, one of the best ones on here, i love the vampire stuff too. keep up the great work pal. :D

Thanks! ^_^

You're response will likely be "No, I'm not doing that."… but I'm going to take the shot anyway…
How much would it cost to have my original character\persona added to the game…?

We can discuss it privately (maybe on discord?) if you're not open about this type of thing.

Totally understand if you don't want to do that type of thing, as it usually turns out to be far more trouble than it's worth.
I don't expect the character to be added any time soon if you do have conditions to add OCs\personas; I also plan to get art done that matches the style of your existing art so you don't pay for the art of my character, etcetera.
On a different note, if there's anything I can do to help you with the game, whether you're adding my character or not, feel free to let me know. I tend to have far too much time while I wait for assets for my own project to come in, and I wouldn't mind helping with development on this game, even if I'm not paid.


Well, I'd need to know what you have in mind exactly, before commenting on it. I allow patrons that go for the 25$ tier to suggest one scene, for example, so I am not against all input, but I keep my right to veto stuff (as an example, I don't like vore or anything of the sort, so I don't want that in the game).

It would be similar for adding a character. I'd need to know what the character would look like, what's their concept and what would they do, and how much presence do you expect them to have in the game. If it's just a minor NPC with one scene, as long as the character looks good I wouldn't be troubled, but I might have to reject a big undertaking at this point in time (as I get closer to finishing the game, I have to focus more on the "to-do" list, rather than on adding new stuff).

As for helping, I currently have enough testers, but if you have more suggestions as you play through the game, share them with me. I can't make promises I'll work on all suggestions (some things can take too much time or I might simply disagree on what's best for the game), but I try to hear anyone who's interested in improving the game.

My character would be a minor character, with a few lines here and there I suppose.

Basically, they'd either be set up to appear in a cutscene that can occur at random (like the drunk in Tarkus), but at any point in the story - and the scene would only occur once. If the player is owned by Zanti, she'd appear in the farming area of Tarkus. If the player is free, they'd appear in Tarkus proper during fast travel. She won't appear in the building of the merchant that buys you as a slave - but if while owned you can travel beyond the house in a future update, she could appear in that local area. And so on.

Regardless of where the event takes place, my character asks the player where she can find their leader. The player then would direct my character to the castle, the Zanti farm, or the merchant's house, etcetera depending on such.

If they don't belong to Zanti, my character is not encountered afterwards - but if my character is sent to the Zanti farm, she will appear as a cow in one of the currently empty stalls, with "moo~♡…" as the only dialogue.
I can fill you in on her appearance if you feel like adding her. I understand if you don't though.


I think I'd be fine with that, it just seems minor enough that it would look out of place if she got custom art. I'd personally just limit it to the zanti content, like her asking you where the farm is and mentioning looking for a job, with an image of her being milked for later, to make the whole thing more consistent.

I'd still have to ask you to either donate 25$ or join that tier on patreon, since it wouldn't be fair to the others who donated to get something specific added to the game. I'd understand if you weren't looking forward to spending that money on top of commissioning the art (not that any of this is mandatory).

What would she look like, and do you have a name in mind?

If you just want me to name this NPC how you want, and that's it, I can do that, no need for donations. It seems like a little scene that would fit the cowgirl path anyway.

Oh, I had assumed there'd be a cost anyway; I did open by asking how much it would cost.

I'll see about getting the art and funds. My memory is terrible, so I may need to be poked to be reminded. Hopefully I'll have the money around Christmas. (My family celebrates it, and sometimes instead of getting gifts, I just get money.)

Sadly, I don't have a Job, so money income is rather slow. I will try to get art that matches the current art in your game.


As for her appearance; she's a fairly young-looking woman, with pale skin, ankle-length white hair, and red eyes. This is because she is albino.

I will attempt to get sprites made for her aswell, both for the initial encounter and the milking sprite.

Would the Zanti cut her hair after acquiring her?


Aside from the above topics, I'd like to discuss finer details privately, if at all possible.


It's your money, so you are free to do what you want with it, but I'd recommend being careful, if you don't have too much of it. Art can be quite expensive, and there is a lot you can buy with that money. An adult game is hardly very important in the grand scheme of things.

Take your time, it's not like work will start before I get the money and the art anyway, so there is no rush.

Since the art will have to be in my game, I'd like to get a look as the sketches get made (it would be bad if you spent money and then we found out I don't like it and don't want it in the game). Unless you want me to put you in contact with my artist (that way we'd know for sure the art would be similar, although that would depend on whether he is available for commissions or not).

I don't think the Zanti would care about cutting her hair.

What kind of details would there be left to discuss? What's your preferred way of communication?

So, I have to restart the game from the begining to complete all the quests, as the Haunted Woods is an automatic failure after becoming a Zanti Cow…
What a waste of several hours, if not days, of gameplay…

Well, the quest fails, but you get some different consequences (the forest changes, spawning slimes, the lumberjacks leave as well), and it benefits the Zanti family (it damages the business interests of their rivals, the League of Merchants), so it's not all doom and gloom.

It is for me…

I very much dislike seeing anything marked as failure… I deleted that save file, and am looking for guides that can tell me what quests to avoid so I don't fail any quests I accept…


There is only a handful of quests which fail, and usually it's only because you didn't finish them before going to the following chapter.

Maybe I can change the quest to be marked as a success if you don't complete it because you are a cowgirl, but the consequences would be the same (and it would be odd to mark it as a success, since you can't reap the rewards from the guild).

I've never made it to chapter 2.

I'm thinking that instead of "in progress", "success" , and "failure" you replace "success" with "completed" and "failure" with "incomplete".

This way, if you don't finish a quest before passing to a chapter where you no longer have a means to finish it, it gets marked "incomplete", meaning you're no longer in the progress of doing the quest, but it was never finished.

But even if you 'fail' the quest, so long as it has been resolved, it has been "completed"; you've seen the quest to it's end.

Does that make sense…?


It does make sense, but I feel like the current system is slightly more informative and changing it for an edge-case scenario is probably not worth it. I'll think some more about the quest, just in case I can think of a simple solution.

Not sure why my own house isn't private… No one is one the ground floor…
My slave is upstairs…
So, can I just not use the milker from the inventory; I have to use it through the morning cutscene, or not at all?

If you don't use it during the cutscene, you can use it in your bedroom later on (unless there is a bug). Maybe I should make the entire house available anyway, I just didn't want players to do it right in front of the slave.

Isn't the slave bound to obey you…?

I'm also waiting to get the slave until I can escape from the merchant in that one slave plath… Speaking of which, does being owned by the Zanti family lock that path as well…?


I felt like doing it in front of others, even your slave, would require some boring explanation or something, and I'd like to keep those to a minimum. I would also like to eventually add a scene to take the female slave to the farm, and I feel this would make her suspicious (while I think it makes more sense for the protagonist to hide it unless ordered otherwise).

The mutually exclusive paths are the cowgirl path and the vampire path. Then you have a few quests where your affiliation can change things (for example, if you are a cowgirl, you will lie when asked to investigate the farm), or offer different goals and "partners".

Another couple of examples: if you are a cowgirl, you can be tasked to deliver a letter to one of the invited nobles at the Kairos party, or later on during a quest in an ancient ruin, you get slightly different paths if you are with the vampires, the Zanti, if you have ties with the League of Merchant/Kira or if you are independent (and even then, if you are part of one or both guilds affect some content).

Wait… can you actually progress without being a member of one of the guilds…?

As for doing it in front of your slave requiring a boring explaination; instead of having a region in your bedroom, have a region in the rooms the slave can occupy, (aside from cutscenes where you can't use the menu, I've only seen them in the bedroom) and dissalow the milk machine use in that region. Also do this for other characters that may appear in the house. That way, if there isn't an NPC in the room, you'be able to use the milk machine.

The reason I ask about the merchant slave route is because I was expecting Zanti workers to show up, seeing that I wouldn't be sending them milk or money any more, and would have their glowy tracker tattoo… the whole thing would conflict with itself…

wouldn't it?


In theory, you can progress without ever being involved in the guilds, but you miss out on a lot of content, and you make things harder for yourself.

This is probably a good enough approach. I'll mark their room as unsuitable and leave the rest of the house available.

The tattoo doesn't let them know where you are (I don't think I ever say that in the game), but like all tattoos it can be use for identifying people (especially since these are magical). If you get sold as a slave, they'd probably count it as a loss and move on. After all, cows are replaceable... :^

Not sure if you're even reading my comments, mdqp, but here's my suggestion anyway;

A global progression file used for the gallery, so that no matter what save you're playing, you can veiw all the art, even if your current save hasn't seen the scene for it. I'm pretty sure it's possible to lock a given playthrough out of various scenes that unlock images, and if I lose a save file through corruption or it getting deleted, having the gallery still having those images will make it less of a grind to play through, and make it so you don't have to do everything in a single playthrough to fill the gallery; thereby increasing replayability.


If you just want to unlock the images in the gallery quickly, there is a cheat if you use the travel sphere (and talk to the guy in the bottom left corner).

Having said that it might be worth considering having some permanent unlocks. I'll think about it, although I am a little reluctant to add scripts at this stage of the game (they tend to break backward compatibility, although there are ways around it).

I was not expecting to get as attached to Golden Leaf as I ended up getting. I love it so much and I'd die for my county!


Next month we should get some updates for the noble content, so I'll probably add something else to Golden Leaf, hopefully you'll like it as well. ^_^

Managed to get the RTP but now I've run into a new problem.
I've taken the hypnosis lessons that make me desire to show of my breasts\body… yet I'm not shameless enough to show my breasts to the old man breaking into the barn?
Not only that, but I hadn't saved in a while, so I just Alt+F4'd and will be doing everything I did the past two days (in-game time) to re-earn money, and then continue doing nothing in the hopes I somehow become more shameless…


Sorry for the really late reply, I am not getting the notifications for some reason. :(

That scene was written before I added the trait, I must have forgotten to update it, thanks for letting me know, I'll fix it for version 0.96.

I made several mistakes with the game (my first time with RPG Maker), I feel like the UI should have given more feedback about stats changes (which would also make it easier for players, testers and myself to track possible bugs). It would also make stats more satisfying and it would make it easier for players to give me suggestions on which scenes should affect the stats and how to balance them.

That would be great, thank you.

It may be ideal to have someone that can reverse the effects of the hypnosis and other previously permanent effects.

Not for free, of course. Gold(?), or maybe some form of item, in exchange to undo damages to your character. As it stands, it seems like your family were accidentally sent to hell when they died. There doesn't seem to be any redeemable characters that are of use to the player; except the two slaves.

There's more positive changes that can be reversed than negative ones.

Just my opinion, though. I like the hypnosis results. Just seems a bit cold to give no way to counter it if you decide you don't like it. Tis why I've never done the intelligence hypnosis.


There is a secret to reverse a few of the paths and whatnot, which I could probably extend to traits. Right now, however, it only handles the cowgirl path. It's also meant to have limited uses.

I tend to not sweat this too much, however, since you can save everywhere in the game, so that allows for experimentation to a great extent. I should probably make an effort to start expanding the "rewindable" content (I wanted to wait, because if a path isn't finished, I need to go back and change how I rewind it whenever I add something new).

Having some NPCs be more useful is also something I should work on . There are some candidates for these improvements (Janet the shop owner or your valet in Golden Leaf if you become a noble, to name two, as well as Alpharius and your summons).

I am in the shapesifter temple F4 and i dont know how to get to the third lever, could anyone help me?

This might be way too late (for some reason I am having lots of troubles with email notifications lately), but anyway there is a link to the walkthrough in the installation folder. If that doesn't help let me know, and I'll try to guide you through it. Maybe I'll add some hint you can discover using detect magic, since that part of the temple isn't very inspired.

Where do I get the RMVXA RTP to run the game?

hey i havent played in months due to technical issues , has anything significant been added in the last couple months , ? i wanna finnish thi incredible story 

If you have an account on Patreon, you can check the changelog here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/8841626

I don't know which version you played last, so here is a copy of the last few update notes (these don't include bugfixes):


  • mini-quest as a nymph/dryad + 1 scene when you complete the task (still not finished);
  • 1 new scene for the modeling job;
  • vampire quest;
  • 1 new scene for the ponygirl path;
  • 1 random scene for being drunk at the inn;
  • bath masturbation scene added;
  • added first "generic" fathers to the pregnancy system (drunk guy from the random event at night, and working at the brothel);
  • new quest (chapter 3 onward, guy appears nearby your house in Tarkas. LoM/vampires possible meddling, mutually exclusive);


  • Added small scenes if Catherine has full control over your exhibitionist tendencies;
  • Added 1 new scene to Catherine's pool of random nightly events;
  • Added 3 new scenes with Lea;
  • Added 1 new scene with Jin;
  • Changed how the first scene for being Sonya's pet works. Now it triggers as soon as you enter the commercial district at night, the day after completing your "training";
  • New quest for the mage guild (Sap gathering);
  • Added 2 scenes for the secretary job (post-promotion, one if you are "everyone's secretary" another for being Geralt's personal secretary);
  • Intro with the new slave owner, Lady Pendleton (requires completion of the "noble party" quest for Kairos, to be available);
  • You can talk with all the summons now;
  • improved circus content;


  • Added 5 scenes with Ariel;
  • Added option to hire a new captain for Golden Leaf (Ariel if you progressed enough on her relationship and the guard at GL gate);
  • Added some consequences in chapter 4 for good/bad administration of Golden Leaf;
  • Extended pregnancy system to the bathhouse orgy (with related custom ending if you retire), added the option to retire if you have kids by talking to the sister at the institute;
  • Bathhouse opened for visits while pregnant;
  • Triplets possible (10% chance);
  • Added some extra/different dialogue for having the bimbo or masochist or exhibitionist traits during the "slave competition";
  • Added a proper ending for the slave competition if you "break" your mind by accepting 2 or more times to get help;
  • 1 new scene in the slave path ("celebration" for winning the competition);
  • Added the piercings you can receive during the slave competition in the game (will probably remain exclusive to the slave path);
  • Added scene for milking together with cows you helped capture (just Eliza for now, more in the future);
  • Mini-quest on the slave path (turn the new slave into a GREAT slave, also triggers slave path end when completed);
  • A new scene for the beachboy (still, only if you are a bimbo);


  • added 1 adventurers guild quest in chapter 3 (and onward);
  • added 1 mage guild quest (needs you to have finished Charles's quest first);
  • tweaked scene for getting bimbo trait through the hypnotist;
  • added mailbox to Golden Leaf's mansion;
  • added 1 scene for Ariel, and removed random chance past the first meeting (she will appear in the barracks afterward, instead);
  • added talk option with Gaarth (if you use his "spell" outside of combat));
  • added new scene with Janet if you reach the 20 mana crystals goal (you also get a new weapon);
  • added new ranks for both guilds (ranking up a second time in the mage guild nets you a special scene);

I really wanna play the game ... but my computer fried early this morning lol . U def added alot . Youve been busy . Still my favorite story so far . 

Sorry to hear about your pc, I hope you'll be able to get a replacement soon. :(

Glad you like it, though! I hope you'll like how I plan to finish the story as well. ^_^

this game wouldnt be android compatible would it?

Nope. It uses the old version of RPG Maker (VX Ace), and that one isn't android compatible. There might be some ways to run RPG Maker games on android, but it's outside of my knowledge.

Hello, I loved the game, I made into the last temple, but while I was doing other paths, I saw in the walkthrough that there you mention a 'Vampire path', but in game i haven't found how to start it. Is it in a patreon build or I may have missed a npc/area?

To get intimate with a certain vampiress, you have to find her at the pub at night (she in the top-right corner). Note, however, that her content is mutually exclusive with the cowgirl path.

Speaking of that, how far does it go? Is the meeting last event currently?

There is a also a scene that you might not have seen if you complete a quest in chapter 3, that has some vampire involvement in it. The scene triggers after the quest is over (if you talk to Beatrix), but only if It ends in a way that turns out beneficial for the vampires.



how did you make the spells work?? 

Sorry, I didn't see this message before. If you mean How I got the cursor on the screen to cast spells, it's a bit of a hacked together solution, using some scripting and some eventing.

I found a way to stop events and the camera (as well as limit the character's movement to what's in the camera when I stop it) through scripting. Then I found a way to put a sprite on screen on command (so that we have a "fake" protagonist on the screen), I turned the graphics for the player to the cursor, and I made it so that "flagged" events can still be interacted when I stop events. Then it's just a matter of eventing the rest as normal (you are effectively just controlling the protagonist as normal, and I track which spell is selected with a variable).

Would have how to make an android version?

Sadly, this is an old version of RPG Maker, and as far as I know there isn't a way to make an android version. :(

man im not even done and i cant help but praise the dev for thir oustanding story. flawlessly woven

Thanks! ^_^

ur welcome! yes trully a captivating tale. but i think i reachen the end .cuss i completed the last temple but stil waiting on kendar to finish his project and idk about the royal library. 

Yeah, chapter 4 is where the game currently ends. If you check the Patreon page, you can find a link to the changelog there, in case you aren't sure about what I add from update to update.

still. . love the game. the only thing i wish is a clothing system but thats it .looking foward to the rest

A proper clothing system isn't going to happen (it's hard to attach it to the game, if you didn't plan for it first). I hope you'll like what I have in store for the game. :)

I couldn't get it to download to the twich client app on my laptop, but I eventually got it downloaded and have played it till there was nothing left to do (version 0.07 I believe.)

Let me just say that i love the story and the premise!! If i had any real money to spend per month I'd gladly support you on Patron!!! Good luck and i look forward to an update soon!

Oh, I didn't know itch.io was linked with the twitch app (glad you managed to download the game, eventually). The game does have a few well hidden secrets and some random events, so hopefully you still have more to see in the game. I am happy you like the game anyway, money or not, I hope it will grow into an even better game, given enough time. :)

i think i meant itch sorry

The game isnt downloading on itch client :(


That might be because I use an external link for the game (the file is hosted on Mega). Does it work if you try to download it through a browser?

Yes, and it is working in the client now :)

I added another link by uploading a copy of the game on itch.io, to confirm if the problem was not having the file hosted on itch.io. Having to upload the file twice might be a bit of a waste, but I share the link even outside of itch.io (in fact, most of my audience comes from elsewhere), so I can't drop the external link.