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Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer's guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you just want to do your own thing.

As far as the adult content goes, the game will feature fetishes such as mind control, cowgirl TF, corruption and more, depending on the paths you'll follow. It will have a female protagonist (as hinted above), and will likely have submissive themes, for the most part (I can't exclude some dominant content completely, but it wouldn't be widespread).

The development is currently being helped through Patreon, you can find the page here (it also has a link to the latest public version, near the bottom).

Support me on Patreon!

The game will update monthly, and the public, freely available version is usually one version behind the patreon-only one.

The changelog can be found here.

The walkthrough is available here, instead.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Adult, Exploration, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, JRPG, NSFW, patreon, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community

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This game requires you to have the RPG Maker RTP installed, here is the link:



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I can't download the game because my antivirus wont stop telling me it isn't secure

I think this isn't uncommon with RPG Maker VX ACE installers, but there aren't any real issues. If you can't (or don't want to) tell the antivirus to exclude the file, I'll upload a zipped version instead, that one shouldn't freak out the AV. I am probably not going to do this for all updates, however, as it's a bit of a waste of time (I'll do it for the 1.0 release, though). Expect the link to appear in the game's page in a few minutes.

well the zipped version is also good for anyone who wants to play the game using joiplay or any other android emulators since this way you can get the game file where as before you couldn't cause you had to run the installer

That's true. I just have so many small tasks piling up already, I don't want to add handling a zipped version on top of that.


fair enough

I'm having trouble finding the spells needed for Valentine, is there some hint I'm missing as to where I find the spells


If you are stuck, you can always refer the walkthrough (there is a link to it in the game's folder, CTRL+F for "ritual spell", and you should find what you need).

The easiest spell to find for this is in your house, actually (detect magic in your room, and then interact with the mirror), but that might take too many time slots to learn, and since this quest has a 3 day limit, I am not sure if you can go for that one.


Thank you!



which jin path did you work on?


For this release, I'll add 1 scene for each path (the one where Erica is a sub will be completed, this way). Note that when I say "this release" I refer to the patreon version, so it's going to take an extra month for that one to go public here on itch.io.

hey, i just came to say that your game is great.  many options for the development of events, the active use of magic in locations, I just fell in love.  the only negative is bad pictures, but there are so many of them that I'm not sure that you will remake them.

Glad you like the game! ^_^ Some of the art isn't perfect, but it's hard to always get great results and there are time and budget limitations, after all. I hope my next game will have a more consistent look.

So I posted a comment about this a while ago, but despite attempting every solution recommended, the problem is still happening, where in certain scenes (such as the hypnotist, the fourth temple fish section, and the telescope puzzle in the vagrant camp) I am given an error message and the game crashes. I have tried removing the read-only attribute from this game multiple times, but it always reverts to read only, and I do not know how to change this. Idk if anyone can help, but I'd appreciate it if there's some solution I'm missing.
On windows 11, for clarity, error message will be attached.

(1 edit)

If you check the file's properties (GameOptions.ini), does it show read-only and reverts to it after firing up the game? Or does it revert as soon as you choose to apply the changes and close the properties tab?

Can you try running the game as an administrator?

Sorry for the late response. It reverts to read only as soon as I choose apply and close the tab. That said, I haven't thought to run the game as an administrator, so I'll give that a shot.

Running as an administrator did not work.

I am really stumped, sorry for not being more helpful. Maybe you can check if any of these work for you?


I'm stumped as well. So far none of these solutions have helped, and every time I tried the command prompt, it gave a message that the format of the command was somehow incorrect, though I've used the command as suggested on every site I've seen.

The apology is not necessary, I know this isn't really your fault, whatever problem is here, it seems to be an obscure one.

where can i find bjorg?

You mean the vampire? Usually you can meet him if Beatrix wants you to. She is inside the pub, at the corner table, as usual.

every time I see the name bjorg I can't help but say "What the Bjorg?"


Any way you can get the game to work on joiplay?

As far as I know, it DOES work on joiplay, although I never tried it out myself. Maybe you are having problems because the game needs the RTP as well?

(1 edit)

it's saying the game isn't compatible. I have all the plugins. It won't even let me add the game to joiplay period. I think it may have something to do with the way the files are. When a game is one single thing it never works for me. I think it had something to do with an update. I tried an older version but I still couldn't get it to work. So I'm not sure

I see. Sadly I don't know much about how joiplay works, and I am unsure what's wrong with it. If you have an account on F95zone, you might try asking in the thread, I know some people got the game to work before.



it's all good. I'll just keep you followed and wait till I get a PC and play it then

I hope you'll enjoy the game, when you get around to playing it! Sorry for not being very helpful.

I like the new cowgirl stuff as a noble, but I feel like it should go a different path than just putting you halfway through the normal route after three chats with your maid. Maybe a seperate brainwashing scene that ties in with the stuff they mention if you become a cowgirl before the offers, about having you marry into the Zanti family to make them nobles? That might be a bit too much work for you though.

Yeah, this is a bit of a compromise, as it was a request from one of the donors. I didn't want to develop a completely new path, and I feel this works well-enough. I think it's unlikely many people will see this in a regular playthrough, anyway, it feels more like an easter egg.

Is there any way to remove tattoos and piercings, or even better, disable them entirely? I very much do not want either of those things, and I’ve just been unwillingly given a tattoo after getting drunk at the bar. I was hoping I’d end up with a scene, but all I got was some text and this tattoo. I can just reload a save, but this has me worried I will not be able to prevent myself from getting tattoos and piercings later.

Piercings you can remove at your house (if you interact with the mirror), tattoos are permanent, unless you use the debug tool ("travel sphere" in the key items), and interact with one of the mirrors in the middle (the mirrors are on the northern wall). To exit the debug tool you then use the central magic circle.

There are a couple of paths which force a tattoo on you (in one of Sonya's paths, she gives you a small heart tattoo on your chest, and in the cowgirl path you get a "brand" on your butt).
Removing Sonya's tattoo might mess with her path, however, so I don't have any way to remove that one in the game as of now (I can add it to the debug tool with a warning, maybe).

Those two make sense, and I didn’t expect story related ones to be able to be removed. Those don’t sound that bad at all, to be honest. If it’s directly related to the story I could see how removing it doesn’t make much sense, however I definitely did not want to keep the one that just says fucktoy lol.

(1 edit)

The regular ones you can at least handle with the debug tool, then, no problem. Tattoos are mostly cosmetic, some NPCs might comment about them, but that's about it, with the exception of Sonya's, since I use it as a "milestone" in her path.

I did add the option in the debug tool for the other two tattoos anyway, since we talked about it (although it might be a while before the change makes its way to the public version).

I think it could also be a good idea to add a pop up when you get your first tattoo telling you that they can be removed in the debug room. I’m glad I’m not stuck with it if I get one.

Well, the debug room isn't supposed to be part of the game, but it's there for anyone that wants to mess around with it, which is why the features aren't really advertised anywhere. There are also some testing options in it (usually for my own use), so people should be careful when looking around in there.

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The walkthrough is confusing to navigate, what quests need to be done to get past chapter 1?

Usually, you just need to visit and complete a Shapeshifter's temple each chapter, if you just want to progress through the main story (there is one exception, but it should be obvious in-game). The chapters won't progress until you sit down at your study to update your notes on the shapeshifters, though, so you have all the time you want before moving forward.

how to play the game in fullscreen?

If you mess around with F5 and F6, you should get the result you want. Also Alt+Enter toggles fullscreen, like with most programs.

Was there 998 updates prior to 0.999 or is it getting to be near 1.0?


There weren't 998 updates prior (I changed how I was numbering the releases half-way through), an while the number doesn't signify completion percentage, we are indeed close to 1.0. I still have to discuss with patrons how much will be cut or not, and that will affect if there will be post 1.0 updates.


happy as long as the Jin path finishes~


^^^^^ second this, i'm forever waiting for a big jin update, he's my favourite (┬┬﹏┬┬)


Don't worry, he is on the list. Admittedly, he doesn't need that much work at all in the "Erica sub" path (maybe 1 scene, and some extras), 2 or 3 more scenes when he is the sub and that's it.

who help your make CG in game him is so cool

I have had 2 main artists for the game: One is Redjet and the other is Stan/Shinsaku.

There have been 3-4 more people that only worked on a single scene or piece, but these two are responsible for most of it.

What are the current Bad Ends?

(1 edit)

There are quite a few, but in general the game tries to let you keep playing (so, being brainwashed into "working" as a cowgirl has you help their faction afterward, for example) and when there is just a bad end, you can generally "rewind" back prior to the loss (although I hope people can point out to me any events I missed).

I don't have a full count of the bad ends, unfortunately.

Is there going to be a NG+ or a similar feature to easily replay and explore other routes?

There is no NG+, but there is a secret character in the game that can reset up to 3 paths, so you can try out some of the mutually exclusive paths. If you make use of this character, make sure to talk to him as well, since he'll give you a bad end if you just use his powers 3 times without making friends. If you need directions, search the "Temple of Spellbinding" in the walkthrough.

Does that cover all paths? I recall when I last played it's incredibly easy to get bottlenecked into one path and I recall some of them result in endings / game overs?

It doesn't cover all paths yet. Currently you can reset the Cowgirl path, Eliza's path (the futanari), and the "ghost possession" path (you can also reset your "slut reputation", an invisible stat, if it goes too high). I should add the vampire path to the reset list pretty soon, as well as the werewolf path (this one will have to wait until the path is finished). With those in, I think we'd cover all the paths that can narrow down players' options.

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How do I get the Zanti Brand? I just started and I looked at the guide, so I’m unsure how to get it. 

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If you stick to the path, you'll naturally get it. The path starts when you work at the farm. After you hit the first milestone (I believe you must have willpower lower than 85 or something similar), you start getting milked when you go there. Stick with it some more, and you'll progress to automatically going to the farm every morning. Once you reach that stage, your intelligence must get very low (30 or so, although in future releases it might change to 60), and after you have gone a minimum of 2-3 times to the farm, you'll become a fully fledged cow, which includes getting branded.

Thank you for the help, I was wondering how I progress to the next chapters? As that unlocks more of the Zanti related quests correct?

Some of the quests do unlock as you advance in chapters, yes. The general rule for advancing chapters is completing a Shapeshifter's temple, and then going to your study to update your notes (this is to avoid getting caught off-guard by the start of a new chapter). For the first temple, you must talk to Alpharius, your uncle's friend. In one chapter, there is another objective to take care of, but generally you just need to complete a temple and find a clue for where the next one might be.

Hi! One question, is possible to know lea's parents in the game?? If not it will be possible in the future?? Anyway is a really great game and i'm enjoying it, so thank you!!

I never added them in the game because I felt it could be a little awkward, so I probably won't include them in the future either. Glad you are enjoying the game! ^_^

it looks like the magic academy wont be added 😢 its fine tho this game is already huge enoug

Well, we might get it, but any post-1.0 content depends on the Patrons.  I need to get things wrapped up, but that's only an urgent issue if they think it's time to move on, basically. The game has been in development for a long time, so I wouldn't be surprised if people wanted to call it a day.

is there any way to play this with wasd controls?

Not really. I could have used a script for that, but sadly all the scripts that change the movement binding feel a bit like a makeshift solution, so I decided to keep things as they are.

in chapter 3 i got the map  of caliross but how do i find the templ

If you check the walkthrough (linked in the game's folder), you should see what you are looking for with pictures (CTRL+F "The Missing Link" to find the quest there). The map is interactive, so clicking on certain spots will prompt the protagonist to comment. You need to find on the map certain features that were discussed in the mural at the end of the second temple, basically, so you can figure out where in the mountains the temple is.

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thanks i get it now

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Whenever I close down the game none of my saves seem to stay for the next time I open the game, instead I have to start over. Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this? Seems like a really good game and I really hope I can fix this!

(Honestly the problem might not even be with this game and I might just be dumb, but this is the only game where I have this problem. I have also tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it, however the issue persist)

(2 edits) (+1)

The only time I got this issue myself was when a game's folder was set to "read only", so maybe that's the problem there?

Edit: also, make sure it's in a folder you have full access to (sometimes things get funky if the game is in the "programs" folder, or stuff like that).


I got it to work!

I think it was the folder issue, so thank you so very much for the help!

Deleted 74 days ago

Good to know! ^_^

If anything else happens, feel free to ask.

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Oi mate

since your FAQ tells me to drop suggestions in any place you are active in, i do so on this comment board.

while playing the game - which i enjoy extraordinarily! - i got a few kinky ideas to spice up some scenes. sorry if any of these are already implemented, i didn't finish the game yet in its current state.

Golden Cup shift stages:
Boob staring patron - titfuck in the back alley of the tavern
Rowdy Bunch - gang/blow-bang in the back alley leaving the pc in a puddle of cum & coins

Glory hole booth:
i can think of several fitting places for that. for example the middle changing booth at solina beach at night.

Nelson's shop - Solina:
a few days after the pc delivered the letters, the receivers could have some of the incense in their houses, reducing INH on entering said buildings or kicking off new repeatable scenes. the guy in the slums could randomly ambush the PC while fast travelling from or into the slums, drugging and raping the pc
to be honest, nelson's quest has a lot of potential to become "more", it wouldn't even break the immersion if it got linked to the guard drug den in Tarkas.

just my two cents. your game rocks, keep up the good work and get well soon buddy!


Hey there!

Happy to hear you like the game! Thanks for the suggestions and for wishing me well. I am doing better now, although I am still a little sick. As long as it's not a big obstacle anymore, I can't complain too much. I'll just have to wait until it clears out.

For the boob staring patron, did you get him to drink the shot from between your breasts and then the groping? The scene changes depending on your breast size, so I was wondering. I could consider him for one more scene although I also didn't want the tavern job to be too raunchy, so I'll have to think about it.

Same deal for the rowdy bunch. I am not sure how far I want to push it (also, there is a lot to do in other areas of the game), but it's something to think about.

I don't have a GH in the game, that's true. That's one thing I should probably add, every game seems to have one! XD XD XD

I don't want to link Nelson to already existing scenes, but I could see something extra tied to the incense appearing.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions and the kind words. ^_^

Where can i find more Mana crystal's to unlock the bimbo helmet?

Well, there are a lot of places, let's see:

15 (maximum) can be found during Janet's quest (just explore the cave before finishing the quest);

4 can be found in the Temple of the Spellbinding (north-east of Rahib), specifically in the cave below (you need dispel to access 2 of them);

2 can be found south of Cornelius Pass (western exit) in a mountain path. near the center of the map, you can see a small pond, and a rocky protrusion with a tree in front of it. You should be able to see something shining behind the tree, on the wall;

2 more can be found during a mage guild quest which sends you to this same area. You'll get to uncover a cave during this quest with an orc living inside, the crystals are there;

3 can be found in the second temple (F1), there is a secret room (you can access it by using push on a misaligned column);

8 can be found in the third temple (B2), there is an invisible path to a secret room (detect magic reveals where) with the crystals;

5 can be found in the fourth temple (B1), use detect magic near the north-west corner of the map (there should be a single lever nearby). A part of the wall will shine, revealing where a secret room is;

There are more, but you get the idea. You can try to CTRL+F for "mana crystal" in the walkthrough. Even if it's more focused on quests, there should be plenty of locations listed (I generally try to list everything you can find in quest-related areas there).

On a new topic: is there a spell list of the available spells in the game; and how and where to acquire them? Are there more trainers in the game than the Fire Wizard and the guy in the Adventurer's Guild (not counting Carla).

Does using your different combat skills (like Guard) increase them? I rarely use anything but spellcasting.

The building next to the pub in Tarkas; after having used Detect Magic, I cannot use Dispel on it -what am I doing wrong?

You aren't doing anything wrong, it's a bug I introduced recently when I updated the map. You'll have to wait the next update for the fix, unfortunately.

Ah, okay; thanks for the clarification -love the game.

And while I understand the reasoning as to why the MC's Willpower and Intelligence decline in such an extreme fashion when following the Zanti path, I always wondered whether it could have been more akin to what the circus hypnotist does: breaking the MC's will with a sort of fixed reduction of her stats. If the MC is bimbofied by Sonya, the INT drop is far more dramatic than what the hypnotist does.

In a nutshell: my MC has the Tease background and Santhora as a deity, leaving her with max WIL of 100, 60 INT -which I jack up to 100 using the hypnotist and the library of the Mage's Guild- and 40 INH. If the Zanti's would simply kidnap her from her home after the first time she has worked at their farn and then inject her with the breast enhancing drug that would make her more susceptible to their hypnosis. If they implant a trigger a la Manchurian Candidate to turn her, they could leave her INT at a 60 MAX just like the Bimbo Trait and do the samae to her INH -also 60 MAX, but with a 20 point reduction because of her starting stat,so it'd be 40/60. Then also leaving her WIL intact, the Zanti's would have a very powerful tool at their beck and call; OR simply make her stats decline as intended for the Zanti path, and if the MC chooses to be their field agent, reset her stats to 60 MAX for both INH and INT, resetting her WIL to her starting stat and adding the BIMBO Trait if she didn't already have it. This way their agent will be powerful enough to get her jobs done and being able to improvise as the situation would require, while still being a loyal Zanti agent.

In short, I really love the Zanti path, but the massive stats drop makes me steer clear of it. So this is me just ramblling about an alternate approach -I fully understand the unfeasibility of it, so no worrries. Just my 2 cents really.

In theory, you can raise your stats back up after you go through the full cowgirl treatment (once you decide to become their field agent, basically). The bimbo trait caps your INT and INH to 60, and I decided to leave that sort of stuff to this one trait (heck, some people aren't happy that the bimbo trait gives a cap). Honestly, I probably wasn't very even in the way I treat stats increase/decrease, I was experimenting with the idea, so I am sure there is plenty of stuff that didn't pan out perfectly.


Have to say I made the wrong assumption that raising your stats after becoming a Zanti agent would break the game; but knowing I can actually do that without any adverse effects, just made my day. Thanks!

ehhmm...How do I start chapter 6? I can't enter the portal

In this version, chapter 6 is still in beta, so if you want to check it out, you must use the debug tool ("travel sphere" in the key items). In the debug room, check the south wall, there should be a blue demon you can interact with. Pick "test 1" to start the chapter.

In the patreon version, the chapter is fully released, but you'd have to wait a month for that one to go public.

My saves are randomly getting deleted. I have many games that run on the same RPG maker that do not do this. Have any clue why?


Mmmh... Is it possible the folder is set to "read only" or something like that? I can't imagine many reasons as to why this would happen, sorry.

Dunno, but my dumbass decided to backpedal to the start menu every time instead of saving to a different slot, meaning I lost hours of time

I can imagine it was incredibly annoying. It's really hard to figure out exactly what's going on, because the vast majority of players seems fine, but I did get a few reports of similar issues. You can try to see if the folder is set to "read-only" and turn that off, if that's the case.

how can i make the emporer and the court to pick me for golden leaf 


You need 5 votes to get golden leaf and you can get 8 in total

1. Nimedes: You need to have completed the alchemical thirst quest to get his vote. 

2. Tiberius: You need to have escaped successfully  during the Merchant escort quest.

3. Fredrik: He is at a chess table in the south east room. Play the move H3-H4

4. Kairos: You need to give him a titjob to get his vote.

5. Valentine: Show her the Ritual or Pocket Dimension spell.

6. Rayne: Go to the florist in tarkas and ask for the purple/blue combination

7. De Larek: a) hear about his request then go to duke kito to ask about him then go to Lily and ask her about the dance. Come back to De Larek and dance for him.

b) Go to the queen of hearts VIP area and talk to a masked De Larek and when you talk to him in the castle you can blackmail him.

8. The emperor: Complete the quest Family matters. Getting his vote is mandatory.                                                 

thank you

and how to get ritual or pocket dimension spell?

For the ritual spell, you need the ritual gemstone from the first temple, then you must find a secret room in the second temple, AFTER you have finished it and unlocked the fish transformation. On the third floor of the temple, there is a lever to flood/unflood a corridor. Flood it and use the fish transformation to swim through it. There should be a new passage open, and that's where the secret room is.

For the pocket dimension, use detect magic in your bedroom in Tarkas. The mirror should shine. Interact with it to find a magic room. Use push on the button while being as close to the door as possible, so you can run inside before the door closes again, to find the book to learn the spell.

Noticed a small inconsistency, during cloak and dagger when playing as Baldur the two noble women near where the Duke tells you stories will treat Baldur as if you are Erica

(1 edit)

Oh man, thanks for the report! Sometimes it's easy to miss things like that. You mean the two girls labeled young lady #1 and #2, right?

One of the dialogues is between them, so it's fine to leave as is, but you are right, I should fix the second one to change tune if you are Baldur. Also, sorry for the really late reply, I didn't get notifications from itch.io for a while, and I am still finding old messages here and there. >_<


Looking at it, I think I left in a copy of another dialogue in there, that wasn't meant to be used at all in that section. I think I'll give them both the same dialogue that ignores the protagonist, and call it a day.

(1 edit)

There seems to be a bug with the harem path because regardless of what I do for the relationship route I can't get the Emperor to choose Erica. I got too annoyed to try flirting with him. 

Also how do you "upgrade" Golden Leaf to make the town look better, was this option removed?

Talk to your assistent in her room, ask how Golden Leaf is doing. IIRC you may also have to talk to people around town a bit

Thank you :)))


It's a bit late (for some reason I never got notified about a bunch of messages), but to win over the Emperor you need to raise both your "flirting score" and your "relationship score", so going all in on the sexiness isn't enough.

How do you get piercings?

Immediately to the left of the entrance of the city of Tarkas you should find the entrance to the tattoo shop that provides piercings.



I've been having a problem where the game crashes, first when visiting the hypnotist and doing one of his scenes, and now when doing the first fish puzzle in the fourth temple.

The error message reads as follows:
Script 'Global Setting Addon' line 394: Errno::EACCES occurred
Permission denied - Myproject\GameSettings\GameOptions.ini

I don't really know what to do here, and I'd appreciate help, if anyone can offer any.

Sorry for the late reply (apparently I didn't get a bunch of notifications). Is it possible the folder is set to "read only"?


It was indeed! I changed it off of read only and will test out one of those scenes again. Thank you for the help.

It seems that for whatever reason, whenever I boot up the game, all the folders and files change back to "read only," and the crash just occurs once more.

Let's see... Are you logged in as the adminstrator? Anyway, check this article, perhaps one of these solutions is what you are looking for.

If you have more than one hard disk, try copy/pasting the game's folder to another hard disk, and see if that changes things for you.

I've tried everything on the list and your own suggestion, and so far none of them have worked. 

I really can't think of any other way to fix this, I am sorry to say. You never played other versions of the game, did you? Did you ever try other RPG Maker VX Ace games on the PC you are using? This seems some weird interaction with your PC, since I don't get reports about this issue from others, but it's hard to say for sure what might be causing it.

(1 edit)

so when i start up the game, the game freezes for around 45 seconds, then starts acting normal. But when i press any button it freezes again. anyone know how to fix this? Is this just my computer not being able to run the application correctly?

Really sorry for the late reply. Which version of windows are you running? Is it on a laptop? This is the first time I hear a report like this, so I assume it's a problem on your end.

Can someone please help me out and tell me where i find the "pocket dimension" or "ritual spell" spells? Its not in the walktrough for some reason?

for the pocket dimension spell, you have to use the magic detection spell in your bedroom in Tarkas. at which point, it will reveal that you have to interact with your bedroom mirror, which now will give you the option of entering said mirror. from there, you enter into a mirror dimension where you have to solve a puzzle (just use the push spell on the red button) that will give you an item that will allow you to learn the pocket dimension spell.

Hi I encountered a weird bug, where if I appoint Ariel as the captain of Golden Leaf. From that point on I can't save, and it'll also delete the save file in the slot I try to save.

I tried to load an earlier save, everything is fine...When I appointed her as Captain again, I lost the ability to save again. I tried a few times and it always delete the save file instead.

Then when I progress and talked to Ariel and watched her scene, I can save again.

From this point on, I tried loading an earlier save, and reproduce the bug again...the bug doesn't show up anymore and I can save normally.

Not sure if this weird bug only exist in my computer or does it exist in all new save files. Atm I'm assuming the bug will only appear in new players and not anyone that already pass that scene.

Also really like this game so far, keep up the good work.

Quick question, what quests should be completed before progressing to chapter two? I don't want to miss anything. Really enjoying the game

Sorry for the really late reply (itch.io must have stopped sending me notifications >_<). If you search the walkthrough for "chapter 1 only", you should be able to find them all: Haunted Woods, Merchant Escort, Alchemical Thirst, Noblesse Oblige.

Glad you are liking the game. ^_^

How to get under the prison? I'm curious about what's inside.

Are you talking about the one in Tarkas? You can't really get there normally, other than during some events/scenes or specific quests.

Sorry for the really late reply (itch.io must have stopped sending me notifications >_<)

I am currently in the quest 'The truth is out there' i did research on the two needles and found the mountain, but it wont let me in saying that i should write down everything i learned from the first temple and uncle's study has everything i need to write. 

Where is uncle's study?


Second story of your house on the bottom left, at the desk

Hello, really love your game so far. Can I ask about pregnancy, what is the difference between the 3 choices at the temple? 1. No pregnancy, 3. absolute pregnancy, 2 is like 50/50? Thanks!

I believe 2 is a 1 in 20 chance

Cheers, time to get laid to test it then

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Are there more ways to interact, or scenes? with the Ghost after possessing you?

What dose the "weird pendant" do?

for the ghost you just have to keep sleeping in your bed until you get the exhibitionist trait, at which point you have the choice to keep watching exhibitionist related dreams when you sleep

The "weird pendant" grants you a couple of sex scenes when you nap but only if your slut reputation is sufficiently high

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The only scene that i get is from the library. Is that it? or ar the more?

library? for which are you talking about?

When you nap with the pendant.

The only scene i get is from a library.

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Is that it? and also where can i find the ancient book to learn more about the false godess that is tied to the pendant?

The weird pendant doesn't have much content as of now (although I wrote a new scene for it recently). You can't learn about the false goddess in a library either, at least not yet.

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