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Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy, is a fantasy-themed game, which will follow a young up-and-coming historian, as she takes her first steps outside her hometown and into the real world, to learn more about the elusive nature of her own kind, the shapeshifters. Will she become a member of the Mage guild, or of the Adventurer's guild? Will she find out more about her heritage, or will she be too busy working extra time in sleazy bars to make a living?

The game will feature several factions, each with their own goals and objectives. With your actions, you might willingly or unknowingly benefit this or that group, as the event unfolds, but the open-world nature of the game will leave it up to you if you want to get more involved with the politics of the world, or if you just want to do your own thing.

As far as the adult content goes, the game will feature fetishes such as mind control, cowgirl TF, corruption and more, depending on the paths you'll follow. It will have a female protagonist (as hinted above), and will likely have submissive themes, for the most part (I can't exclude some dominant content completely, but it wouldn't be widespread).

The development is currently being helped through Patreon, you can find the page here (it also has a link to the latest public version, near the bottom).

Support me on Patreon!

The game will update monthly, and the public, freely available version is usually one version behind the patreon-only one.

The changelog can be found here.

The walkthrough is available here, instead.

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(278 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Adult, Exploration, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, JRPG, NSFW, patreon, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
LinksHomepage, Community


Caliross 0.9.9.exe 976 MB
Caliross 963 MB

Install instructions

This game requires you to have the RPG Maker RTP installed, here is the link:


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is there a list of all the paths in the game right now?

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I can't immediately figure out why, but in certain areas the BGM audio is glitched. In Tarkas, Zanark and some other places the music plays fine for ~1 second, after which it becomes extremely jittery and sounds like some static is going on....

Edit: I just wrote this comment, restarted my pc, and it seems fixed. Im a silly goose sometimes. Leaving the comment incase someone else has this issue too


Im kinda stupid and can't figure out how to beat ifri


slightly confused about cow rustling quest, is there a point where you can start it? or is it just to follow the guide on it


Hello. The game is great, but I'd like to know. Will there be a change of clothes feature added, or even something about exhibitionism fetishes?

I've found a slight bug where if you wear the Red Dress, your character is constantly stuck in a walking animation until a cutscene or something similar happens and then they're stuck in a standing animation (ie, no animation at all) as you glide around the game.

^Picture of constant walking animation.

LMK if you want the save file as well.

Hello, this game is one of the best that I played. And I have the question that I saw there is the character called "Nashara" and Erica can become her thrall in the game file. It seems like the vampire path. Is this part already existing in the game. If not, I hope to see this will not be the bad end and have more scenes with her. <3

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Beatrix is the only vampire you can become a thrall of. Nashara is an old test character left from when I was experimenting with RPG Maker to learn the ins and outs of the engine (I was trying to figure out what limits are there for unique events and mechanics during a fight, hence why she could "enthrall" you). I think the really early versions of the game had a few more bits and pieces like that, but I mostly removed them over time.


Glad you are enjoying the game! :)

I'm unable to get the game to work correctly. I've tried both download links and the mega link in the comments. My problem is that my character immediately moves left and remains stuck in that position. I'm also unable to move the selector left or up when changing the name or on the title screen.

Mmmh, do you have any gamepads or tablets plugged in? Could you try leaving them unplugged, just to see if that's the problem? Also, here is a thread that gives a few more details on the source of the problem and a possible fix:

Thanks I managed to find the issue.

Glad things worked out. ^_^

Hey! I last played during 9.2 and had a blast! Today I was hoping to the newest version but everytime I run 0.9.5a.exe I get an error saying 'extract failed' exactly when it comes to 'Peace On The Water' any idea why this might be happening?

I tried downloading the version I uploaded here on itch, and it seems to work fine for me. Have you tried re-downloading the file? Perhaps there was just an issue when you were downloading it.

did that and now its pausing on rgss3a. Tried it on two drives, one with plenty of space and one with limited space.

update: tried the 7zip file again and it worked!

Ah, good to know the .7z file worked. I am not sure what might be causing the issue, since as I said that version worked just fine for me (I downloaded the file from here, just to make sure). Let me know if it happens in the future as well, but hopefully this is just some fringe accident.


Will do! Think it was on my end mostly.

Also, just wanted to say thank you for making this game and interacting with its community!

I enjoy the development process, and it always makes me happy to know people enjoy the end result as well. As long as I can do it, I'll gladly talk with players of my games. :)


I think the issue is with the Itch app itself, I tried to download the file from the website instead and it worked fine.

Ah, thanks for letting us know. I didn't even realize itch had an app! XD XD XD

Deleted 43 days ago

In case it's a problem with itch.io, try this mega link:

Let me know if this helps.

Deleted 43 days ago

Good to know! ^_^

Were you using the itch app? Someone posted elsewhere that it might be an issue with the app, as downloading from the itch.io website worked just fine.

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Hey ho,
I just wanted to say that Caliross is one of the best games of the "female protagonist" rpg's of all time. I follow on patreon too and played so many different way's. But there is still so much untapped potential, like the nudist beach or another empty places. So I hope for so many Possibilities in the future. <3


Hi there!

It's always a pleasure to know people are enjoying my game! I have been trying to wrap things up for a while, so the nudist beach is unlikely to be added to the game, unfortunately. There is still a lot to work into the game, but I need to finish things at some point, and the game is already much bigger than my original plans.

If there is interest, I could always work on a "1.1" version later on, but for now I want to finish the game and start working full-time on my next project.

I want to say  thank you for making such a a great game! I've been playing it for nearly a year and a half now and  the updates have always been nice :D
I'd also like to ask if you're going to put this game on steam eventually?  


It's great to hear you are having fun. I am considering the option, but I am not sure yet. If the game gets on there, it's likely going to be once it's finished, and it will be free.

I had done the Noble Goals quest and I got the mansion but I can't get access into the mansion. I have slept through a lot of days so am I supposed to do something other than sleeping or is my save corrupted? I do wanna say though that this game has been very well done and I have been loving it so far

To access the mansion, you must first reach chapter 3, so you need to progress through the main quest a little, before you can enter the mansion. Happy to hear you are enjoying the game! ^_^

I wanted to give this game a try, but i only get a Error.

"RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game."

I tryed both of the downloads, but neither is working for me. Does someone got a solution for this? What is RPGVXAce RTP?

RPGVXAce RTP is a group of files you can install independently of any individual game. Basically, it was a way to reduce download sizes, as you don't have to redownload a bunch of files with each update (or even for any game made with VX Ace which uses the feature).

The download you need is linked at the end of the game's page (under "install instructions"), but here is the link, in case you still have trouble finding it.



Absolutely love this game. Honestly I'm a bit biased towards the Zanti family content myself. Could easy play a game based around them and them alone. Keep up the good work!

I will, thanks!

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This is a really good game absolutely jam-packed full of erotic content, as in I haven't played an rpg style game with this much (diverse) high quality erotic content on top of a pretty good story and combat system. Totally worth playing if you're into the female protagonist getting corrupted with lots of lewd content genre.

Note: For Android users this works on Joiplay.

Glad you are enjoying it! ^_^

So how do you use it, why can't you use it?

To use that one, you must be in your room in Tarkas (there should be a magic circle on the floor). It can be used only in very specific quests/events, and it's fairly rare so far.

in the nowhere to run quest there is no rope on table in shack so i cant leave to complete the quest

Is there nothing at all next to the scrolls? Did you perhaps already pick the rope up?

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idk if this a bug or not but during the merchant escort the first out cast just keep catching me even he's looking away( he didnt even look back he's just stand there)

They also notice if you are running, so make sure to walk slowly past them. He should look back, though, I'll have to check that part.

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Edit: this happens when i use the .exe version, it works fine wit the .7z one 

Ive tried to use joiplay and as soon as i start the game it CTDs with this error:

Script 'Global Setting Addon' line 357: Errno::EINVAL occured.  Invalid argument - MyProject\

This is the last part of the log.txt:

 Executing script 
 Escape confirmation 
 Executing script  Happy Holidays! 
 Executing script  Names for save files 
 Executing script  Slow choices 
 Executing script  ▼ Main Process 
 Executing postload scripts 
 Postload script is executed. 
 Cheats are enabled. 
 Executing Cheat Script 
 Cheat script is executed. 
 Disabling Autotile Animations 
 Executing script  Main 
 Script 'Global Setting Addon' line 357: Errno::EINVAL occured. 
 Invalid argument - MyProject\ 
 EventThread termination requested 
 RGSS thread ack'd request after 0 ms 
 Shutting down. 
-End of file-

Could you try deleting the MyProject folder, and see if that solves the issue? The game should just create a new one if there isn't one present.

In theory, that folder contains files for a script to keep game's options (like "always dashing") separated from the save files, but the script caused a couple of issues lately, so I am also considering removing it. Let me know if this workaround solves the problem, I'll try to figure out why it behaves differently between the two version.

I just downloaded the most recent update and tried going into the bazzar at night in chapter 5, but now the game won't show me anything but the artwork for the dude feeling Erica. The game is technically still playable (I managed to interact with the breast and butt lady), but I'm functionally blind.

This will be fixed in the next public release. For now, the workaround is to use "time control" in the key items, and select the option to erase pictures.

Hi. Where do I get Zana as a summoning? It dosen't appear in the walkthrough.

In the second temple, second floor (in the walkthrough, under section "Puzzle 02 (Optional 02)"). If you CTRL+F the document and search "Zana", you can find her entry that way too.

Thank you!

Could you show me where to find Gaspar? I can't see his character so I'm having a hard time finding him for the spider's den

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Sure thing, here you go (this is a screenshot from inside the engine, so ignore anything odd) He appears there during the days (if you go there at night, he is not around). Once you meet him here, he'll start appearing in the Spider's Den (he's sitting at the bar):



So i am in temple 1 but even with the walkthrough i am unable to get to the last lever in the teleport puzzle.

When i follow the last step it puts me in the alcove room instead of the last lever room

Also watched a few videos but non of those have the same teleports as me 

I tried it and it worked for me. Maybe the way it's written in the walktrhough is confusing, so I rewrote it this way, let me know if it works (make sure you haven't pulled any of the levers before, or else you'll have to track which levers to pull to open the doors).

  • Go N to find the first teleporter
  • Go to the NE teleporter in the next room
  • Go to the W teleporter
  • Pull the first lever and use the only teleporter
  • Go to the S teleporter
  • Pull the second lever and use the N circle (circles that lead you outside the maze are marked red, so avoid those until you have pulled all levers)
  • Pull the final lever & use the only teleporter in the room
  • Exit through the S circle (it’s red, as mentioned above)

Bazaar is bugged in 0.9.3 update. Image is stuck still after guard "searches" you.

This will be fixed in version 0.9.4 You can get around it in the meantime by opening the menu, and selecting "time control" in the key items. There should be an option to erase pictures.

Hey, i have a bug. In the Lady Pendelton slave route when you try to go to sleep after the fist time you have to choose either resisting of submit, if you choose submite the dialog will go normally but when it's supossed to go to the other day the game just freezes in the art, there's nothing you can do besides loading to a save point, but that also means that I can't go further in this route. Using the debug tool to delate the screen fixes the problem.


This should be fixed in 0.9.4, but you'll have to keep using the debug tool in the meantime, I am afraid.

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Am i the only one experiencing this bug where Gaspar's portrait and character is missing and the fountain has black screen water and some doors are missing too, i hope this can be fixed, and i checked the older version but its still has the same bug??

And also the debug room is all black screen too

ı had the same problem when I tried to play the game on joiplay likely a problem with joi play itself since alot of other games get missing assets on joiplay

Is there a pattern to which path gets updated everytime? Or is there a poll for deciding which rout gets updated. I really like the golden leaf story lie. Hope there's more content for it coming soon. Pradging


Please add warnings before you set the player on a path that locks them out of other Quests.

I'm enjoying the game a lot, but I just had to redo multiple hours of playtime, because I realized too late the the werewolf and gambling paths are mutually exclusive from each other.

Even went out of my way too unlock the dragon just to find out he can't reset the werewolf path.

This is even the second time something like this happened. First time was Vampire vs Cowgirl path.
It's just very frustrating, since this is such a cool game, but realizing you miss out on content you really wanted to play, just because you randomly decided to do some other quest first is very annoying.

I understand you want some mututally exclusive questlines, but it'd be great if the game could give you a heads up for paths like this, just so I could at least look up what other routes they lock me out of and then load a previous save before I overwrite it.

(1 edit)

Alternatively, it'd be great if there was a way to reset Paths in the Debug room or if the dragon could get you out of any Path, although I get this might cause issues.

Edit: tried to see if I can fix the problem myself with a simple save editor, but that just lead to a lot of variables with no clear indicator of which one does what, so I didn't wanna mess with them

Or, if it's not that the Slave path has points that are incompatible with the Werewolfstory line, and just a sort of immersion that your instincts warn you from gambling, just give the player the Option to ignore your instincts and progress the route regardless.

Again, I am enjoying this game a lot and it's super fun, but it just feels like a very weird choice to prevent the player from continuing a route of their choice by giving them a warning.
I expect half of the paths in this game to lead to bad ends, doesn't mean I don't want to experience them.


Also I see a lot of comments about screensize, and in Windows 11 at least you can right click on the top bar of the game window and select fullscreen as an option. A bit easier than messing with configuration files

How do you get experience points? I still have zero despite having fought wisps, wolves, slimes and completed quests. Only a few hours in. Is this a bug or do you only level up by advancing chapters?


You don't really level up in this game, but you do get extra stats when you sleep after you complete a chapter. There are also other ways to increase your stats, and learn new spells. Equipment is also very important.

For the screensize, you can cycle various options by using the F5 and F6 keys (whether you want fullscreen, if you want to keep the aspect ratio, and so on).


Thanks. I suspected something like that but wanted to ask for clarification. Loving the game.

Glad you are having fun with it! ^_^

Can someone help me, I didn't know I was playing the newest joyplay

I don't know much about joyplay, but it seems like you are missing the RTP files, which are downloaded separately from the game:

You might have to look around and find a guide for how to add them to work with joyplay.

so I was reading through the walkthrough specifically about the town expansions part and it says that if you pick the league the league power is increased by 1 and if you pick the zanti the zanti power grows by 1 so I just wanna know what those values mean exactly or what the consequences are for one faction to have more power than the other cause its not mentioned anywhere else

(1 edit)

Basically, the two factions are at odds, and their power decides which one "wins" during the ending.

Tem versão para o joiplay?

If the question is if it works with Joiplay, then the answer is yes.

thanks you bro


No android?

Works with Joiplay, although it might be a bit laggy.

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